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Frequently Asked Questions

HEDER is the only gay dating platform in Asia, which allows gay men who want to find their other half to find the right person. We hope to get to know a person through warm face-to-face communication, and to start the first step of getting to know each other by meeting and chatting.

What is a physical date?

Currently, most gay dating channels are through the Internet or APP. HEDER's main service is one-on-one dating. We will match you with a suitable partner based on the conditions you set, and the dating secretary will arrange the time and place for both parties to meet directly, which is the first step in getting to know each other.

What is the service process?


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Is there any charge for the service?

We provide free consultations . After you decide to use the service, your dedicated consultant will plan a suitable plan for you. You can become a member and enjoy the service by paying the corresponding fees. For detailed procedures, please contact your dedicated consultant.

Are the conditions for making friends by spending money worse?

Currently, the occupations of HEDER members are mostly military, civil servants, doctors and engineers , which are higher than the average social conditions. On the other hand, due to factors in Taiwan's social environment, many gays cannot come out in the workplace or at home, and it is not convenient for them to use dating software, so they choose HEDER. So far, many gay friends who agree with HEDER's philosophy and professionalism, are busy at work, want to save time, have a positive attitude and are brave to try have joined. Therefore, the database is the most complete and diverse in terms of stable relationships, regardless of whether the conditions are good or not.

Will personal information or secrets be leaked?

HEDER adheres to the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act and will never disclose any personal information to non-related persons other than HEDER without the consent of the parties involved during the dating arrangement process. When arranging a date, only the restaurant reservation information such as last name and the last three digits of the mobile phone number will be provided. Your personal information, contact information or terms of use will never be disclosed.

After filling in the form, how long is the average waiting time for the consultant to arrange an interview?

After completing the online form, you will receive an email notification from HEDER and a call from the consultant within 1 to 3 days to get a preliminary understanding of your personal situation and arrange a time for an interview. The interview time is by appointment and will be arranged 1 to 7 working days after the day the consultant calls. The appointment time is available on weekdays or holidays, and during the day or evening.

If the above answer does not help you or you want to know more, you can click on the fan page in the upper right corner to contact us.

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