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HEDER is the only gay dating platform in the Asian market, allowing gay men who want to find their other half to find the right person. We hope to get to know a person through warm face-to-face communication, and to start the first step of getting to know each other by meeting and chatting. At the same time, we are committed to creating a good and high-quality gay dating environment, hoping that more gay men can enter and maintain a good relationship, and no longer linger on dating software and gay websites.

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Our Story

Since its founding in March 2018, HEDER has embarked on a remarkable journey with its unique mission and vision. As Asia's first platform focused on gay dating services, HEDER quickly emerged in the community and brought a brand new dating experience to this group.

In September of the same year, HEDER teamed up with the well-known Youtuber FJ234. This cooperation brought more exposure to the platform and more interesting content to users. Not only that, HEDER also held a love lecture by the famous psychologist Mr. Huang Yizhong in the same year, which not only added depth to the mission of the platform, but also provided users with valuable insights on love and relationships.

As time went by, HEDER celebrated its first anniversary in 2019. The platform's database has reached 7,000 people, which shows its influence and popularity in the gay community. At the same time, HEDER also launched coaching courses to help users improve their dating skills and answer relationship questions, thereby further increasing their success rate in making friends.

In 2020, HEDER celebrated its second anniversary. The size of the database continued to expand, reaching 10,500 people. In September of the same year, the platform launched a podcast called "Kaobei Dating Friends", providing users with a more in-depth communication platform where they can share their stories and experiences.

With the arrival of 2021, HEDER has reached a milestone of three years. The database has further expanded, breaking through 15,300 people. The platform continues to innovate and launch the "Light Dating" service, which further increases the opportunities for users to interact and makes it easier for them to find a suitable partner.

In 2022, HEDER continues to grow. The database has surpassed the 20,000-member mark, proving the platform's widespread influence in the gay community. To further enrich the content, the official Youtube channel launched the HEDER Talk Show, providing users with another platform where they can learn more about love, relationships, and community.

From its early days to today, HEDER has not only achieved remarkable success in the field of gay dating services, but has also been continuously expanding its content and services, and is committed to creating a warm, interesting and valuable platform for the gay community. Its achievements and growth are impressive, and I believe that in the future, HEDER will continue to bring more surprises and value to users.

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