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Although the road of love is tortuous, I still find happiness through HEDER

Mr. Cai, 27 years old, medical related industry


Although the road of love is tortuous, I still find happiness through HEDER

Although I met new people from time to time, it was even more difficult to find a stable partner because I was not good at chatting and reading people's expressions. I even encountered a person who rode a donkey to look for a horse, and I spent some time healing from this.


HEDER is suitable for busy office workers to help them find a "stable relationship" partner

After entering the workplace, I have less free time. It is difficult to make new friends, let alone meet the person I like. Fortunately, I learned about HEDER gay dating platform by chance. Thanks to HEDER's help, I found someone with "similar social circle" and "similar values". More importantly, the other party also wants a "stable relationship".

HEDER focuses on male-male pairing and has a paid membership system. I think the members here are all serious about finding a date, otherwise it would be a waste of money (laughs). I think this is a good choice for busy office workers.

In short, I met my lovely boyfriend, who is now a doctor, in my first match at HEDER. We are very happy now, and I also think that joining HEDER is very worthwhile!

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We met because of HEDER and we were attracted to each other because of music

Mr. Tang, 38, technology and internet related industries

Busy life, small circle of friends, so I chose HEDER

Since I entered the society, I have been busy with work and have not actively looked for a partner. Although I met some people through dating apps, the relationship did not go smoothly due to various reasons such as work schedule and different philosophies.

When I had achieved some success in my career, my social circle had already been established and I found that there was no one around me to share with. So, at the recommendation of a friend, I chose HEDER, a gay dating site, hoping to find a suitable partner.

Use interests as a criterion for choosing a friend, and use a relationship consultant to match you with someone who also likes music.

Since I was a child, I have been very interested in literature, Western art and classical music, so when I was setting the conditions for an ideal boyfriend with a relationship consultant, I listed this as the top priority.

After several matches, I was successfully matched with Mr. Yao, a music teacher. We had a great conversation when we first met and we were still interested in each other, but because we both had to go to work the next day, we made an appointment for the next date.

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Even those in the closet can find their own unique love

Mr. Lai, 32, mechanical and electrical related industry

I am an introvert who doesn't talk much. Also, due to my job and my closeted personality, it is difficult for me to meet new people. I want to take the first step but I don't know where to start. I felt very anxious for a while.

I was scrolling through Instagram ads when I saw HEDER’s ad. The one-on-one in-person date was very appealing to someone like me who wanted to be in a serious relationship, so I signed up to give it a try.

Because I had no dating experience and was not good at speaking, the atmosphere of the first date was a bit tense. However, with the help of a relationship counselor, I knew more clearly what I wanted and became more confident.

Afterwards, I met Mr. Zhuang who also loved traveling. We both liked traveling as backpackers and had plans and ideas for the future. We both regarded a stable relationship as our ultimate goal. After several dates, we got together smoothly.


I didn't have time to waste, so I chose HEDER

Mr. Xu, 43, education-related industry

Because I was of a certain age and working in the public sector, I found it difficult to meet new people. Although I tried hard to expand my social circle, it was all in vain and the people I met did not meet my expectations.

I have tried using dating apps before, but because I am not the mainstream age, the other party often disappears or cancels the match after chatting for a few sentences, which makes me feel that it is a waste of time. One day, I saw an ad for HEDER on Facebook. Seeing that it can directly list your needs, it is very consistent with my requirements for precise and time-saving dating, so I chose HEDER.

During the interview with the love consultant, I mentioned that I was a person who liked outdoor sports. So, in one of the matches, I met a man named Chen who was about my age. We were very compatible in terms of interests and personalities. On our first date, we rode our bikes to Kenting together. After a few times together, we decided to be together.

Now, we live a very fulfilling life and we go to exercise together whenever we have time. I am very glad that I joined HEDER, and now I can live such a sweet life. I highly recommend it to those who want to save time and make serious friends.

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