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Privacy and Confidentiality Policy

1. First, we will ask each member to fill in basic information, including the following categories: name, ID number, contact information, occupation, income, body type, educational background, marital status, personality, and interests.

2. All data will only be used for HEDER dating and matching purposes and will not be leaked, sold to third parties, or disclosed without the customer's consent. In order to help you find a suitable match, your data will only be used for internal system operations and data analysis to discover potential targets. Sharing some data will make it easier for you to find the right person and will make subsequent dating and matching smoother.

3. HEDER values your privacy and ensures

Only authorized employees and supervisors can read and use HEDER's customer information, and all of them will sign a confidentiality agreement to ensure everyone's data is secure.

● Before the actual meeting, only basic and non-personally identifiable personal information is provided to the other party to decide whether to proceed with the meeting.

● Your personal information and other details are locked with a high-standard protection program and can only be opened by employees who know the password.

● Except for the information you provide to HEDER, we will not conduct additional electronic tracking to ensure your data privacy.

4. Confirm and agree that third parties may be informed of your relevant information under the following circumstances: Disclosure to relevant units when inspected in accordance with legal requirements.

5. During your membership of HEDER, our customers may read some of your information. But please don't worry, the general terms of service stipulate that no customer may leak or disclose your information to a third party, whether now or in the future.

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